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About Bill Carey

Bill began his career in Structural Bodywork and Pilates after experiencing their benefits in addressing his own work and sports-related injuries, including a ruptured lumbar disc. In 1996, after 1450 hours of training, he became a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner. Over the years, he has continued his studies and research and has discovered ways to combine Hellerwork with a variety of other approaches in order to analyze a person’s biomechanics to tailor treatment to each individual client. He calls this combination of approaches and treatments Structural Bodywork.

Bill also holds a Pilates certification, which he received in 1997 after a 650 hour training through the nationally recognized Physical Mind Institute.

Bill is committed not only to helping people become stronger, more flexible and pain-free, but also to educating people about the mechanics of the body so they can stay that way. “I’m definitely not a purist,” he says, “one size or one treatment method definitely does not fit all. My goal is to help you reach your goals, always in a way that’s safe, strong, and specific.”

Before founding Center for Balance in 1999, Bill worked with patients in several Bay Area medical and physical therapy settings. In addition to Pilates, Bill has practiced yoga (primarily Iyengar) for most of his adult life. He was a longtime windsurfer and martial arts competitor (Judo and Karate). He lives with his wife and daughter in Marin County where he enjoys riding his mountain bike.


When it comes to a method of treatment, one size – or one solution – does not fit all. At Center for Balance, all treatments and exercises are analyzed in terms of biomechanical suitability for the individual client.

Founder Bill Carey is committed to personalizing each session so that clients can achieve their goals in a way that is safe, strong and specific.

“There are many techniques in my ‘toolbox’, and I believe that the choice of technique must depend on the condition at hand. It’s all about context, addressing each person’s needs individually. I’ve used both Pilates and Structural Bodywork with competitive swimmers, dancers, rowers, bicyclists, weightlifters, runners, tennis players, golfers, figure skaters, and gymnasts, to name a few. And just as often, I work with people who simply want to overcome everyday injuries or those who are looking to lose weight, become stronger, or just feel and look better.”

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